What is a Spinnerbait?

What is a Spinnerbait

When you see a spinnerbait, you will think you have likely seen these fishing lures before. Because they are very common in fishing skills. But some people still will think about how to use them to fish. Spinnerbaits look complicated, because they don’t appear like a baitfish or shad, and it is not easy to present them in the right way quickly. 

The good news is, they’re much easier to use than they look. A spinnerbait is called that because of the spinning rotation of the blades on the top of the lure. These create vibration and flash in the water that drives bass crazy. 

If you understand why bass strike, much of the time it’s not even because they want to eat or they’re feeding, it’s because you’ve aggravated them enough to get them to bite. The spinnerbaits’ vibration and flash can aggravate them.

Another characteristic of a spinnerbait is the skirt that hangs off. This cover is supposed to help imitate a fish, and it covers the hook to make it look less suspicious. Underneath all the smoke and mirrors is a standard jig head.

Learning how to use a spinnerbait is much simpler than most people think. It’s one of the easiest lures to fish with because it doesn’t require any special presentation. You simply cast it out and retrieve it. The lure itself does all the work and creates the presentation for you. What kind of blade you have will determine how fast you need to retrieve it. 

Spinnerbaits work their best when you have a slight cloud cover and ripples on the water. You’ll always want to cast these along and near structure or cover. 

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