Saltwater Hard Fishing Lures with Laser Holographic Painting

Topwater Fishing Lures, Plopping Minnow with Floating Rotating Tail, Topwater Floating Jointed Swimbait, Topwater Surface Bait Lures for Bass Trout Pike Perch, Lifelike Hard Fishing Lure

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Extremely enticing appearance. Features 3D eyes and reflective laser painting. With rattling steel balls inside this lure will generate noise and reflection to attract fishes from great distance when it hit the water.
Aerodynamic design body helps you do the walk the dog effortlessly, delivers a side to side dancing action that attracts bass from depths in the water to hit this lure hard.
Weight transfer chamber and rattling balls inside helps you cast farther with higher accuracy, and create noise that rings like a dinner bell to hungry fishes.
Armed with two razor sharp Origin treble hooks and enhanced stainless steel split rings to dramatically increase hook-up percentage, and ready to stand against the attack from aggressive predators.

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