Fishing Corn Floating Boilies

Soft Bait Fishing Lure Artificial Silicone Baits Swimbait. Various colors are available. Customized colors are welcomed.

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Various colors are available





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Explore our range of fishing corn floating boilies, flavored soft lure grass carp bait, and take your angling to new heights! Crafted to perfection, these innovative baits combine the appeal of floating boilies with the irresistible flavor of corn, creating a potent lure for grass carp and other fish species.

Our specially designed soft lures boast a realistic texture and appearance, making them incredibly enticing to wary fish. Infused with a mouthwatering flavor, these baits trigger the feeding instincts of even the most cautious carp, ensuring you a successful and exciting fishing experience.

Ideal for both novice and experienced anglers, these floating boilies flavored soft lures are a game-changer in the world of fishing. Elevate your fishing tactics and increase your chances of landing the big one. Upgrade your gear and bait up for a rewarding day on the water.

OEM for your own brand, you can design your own color for this corn fishing lure.

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