Bass Buzzbait Spinner Bait Fishing Lures

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Brass, Lead


Various colors are available


20g, Customized Weight


4 inch

Product Details:

  •  Premium hard coat painted jig head, 3D fish eyes, triangles-blades, strong and sharp offset worm hook, bright and heavy silicone skirt to attract more fish.
  •  Features 360° rotating blades, disturb the water layer and create large splashes, produces a distictive metallic sound, attracting the predators to bite.
  •  The jig head dressed with soft and colorful rubber skirt, create attractive swimming action. The dense skirt hides hook well, which makes it easier to catch fish.
  •  A buzzbait using flash and vibration to trigger the attention of bass. Suitable for bass, pike, walleye, used in freshwater, rivers, lakes, waters covered by grass.

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