Baits Shad

Soft Bait Fishing Lure Artificial Silicone Baits Swimbait. Various colors are available. Customized colors are welcomed.

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Various colors are available





Product Details:

The bait shade is ultra-responsive, supple body ensures excellent maneuverability. Available in various colors achieved through double injection molding and printing, it offers versatility and visual appeal. The shad features a slow rolling action and an oversized tail swing, which can be further customized by trimming the tail tendon for increased movement options. Whether retrieved linearly or on the descent, this shad-type lure performs exceptionally well. It facilitates easy rigging with wide-mouth hooks, thanks to its dorsal and ventral slots. Upgrade your fishing experience with the shad’s dynamic design and enhance your chances of a successful catch.

OEM for your own colors on colors and packages.


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